Living Worksheets® for Mathematics

Teacher Comment

"Hi John, Thank you for the Living Worksheets update CD-ROM received today. I have passed it to the network manager who will do what is necessary. This resource is excellent, students enjoy using it. Regards, Susan Mason (Curriculum Lead for Mathematics NHESC)". July 2012. (NHESC has used the resource for over eight years).

SLW4PS3FT. We use Living Worksheets every hour of every school day.The immediate feedback is both reinforcement to students and enables immediate assessment for learning for student and staff alike. The selection of topics is vast and students never seem to tire of the activities. Helen Pye, Head of Mathematics, Hethersett High School, Norfolk. June 2012.

SLW4S3P. Living Worksheets are great. Our students love the immediate feedback. Lisa Storey, Head of Mathematics, The Ferrers School, Northamptonshire.

SLW4. Incredibly good for level setting and pupils' self assessment. Ruth Farmer, Head of Key Stage 3 Mathematics, Philip Morant School and College, Essex.

SLW4S3. 'Living Worksheets' are a great asset to our maths department. We use it with all ages and abilities. It is the best maths software that we have bought and offers plenty of practice for students in a wide variety of topics. Rebecca Redding, Head of Mathematics, Thomas Alleyne's High School, Staffordshire.

SLW4S3PE. Frome Community College purchased Living Worksheets for Mathematics in February 2003 and have kept up to date with the latest versions ever since. Despite the advances in technology and software that have been made in the last six years Living Worksheets still top the bill at FCC. Why? They hold the attention of students better than any other maths software used. They allow students to progress knowing if they are right or not, letting them make corrections in a friendly environment. Success is a great motivator. The format is clear and uncluttered by things other than those relevant to the task in hand. There is a huge range of material available so that a teacher can always find activities at a suitable level for any topic required. The material is easily accessed. Not least in order of importance is that it is obvious when using Living Worksheets that they have been written by a teacher with long-term classroom experience giving responses to common mistakes that reflect that experience. Chris Curtis, Head of Maths.

SLW4S3PE. Living Worksheets have provided inspirational support to the teacher and are valued by the students who use them. The interactive facility is particularly good with its immediate feedback. Mrs R Ashworth, Assistant Head, Teacher of Mathematics, Withins School, Lancashire.

SLW4S3. Living Worksheets are great for differentiation within a group as a variety of worksheets can be set in one lesson and students can pick the relevant ones according to their needs. Dr Julie Dekanski, Head of Mathematics, Asville College, North Yorkshire.

SLW4S3P. Living Worksheets are excellent. The students really enjoy them. The ability to know they have the correct answers works well in this centre. Miles Watkins, ICT Co-ordinator, The Oxford Centre, Blackpool.

SLW4S3. Living Worksheets are used extensively in KS3 and to a lesser extent in KS4. They are excellent for use as lesson starters for a five to ten minute warm up, longer main activities and as printed copies for homework. An excellent resource. Robert Horton, Head of Mathematics, King Edward VI Handsworth School.

SLW4S3. Both the departmental staff and the students enjoy using these resources. The easy to use and well presented design ensures that this is a must for any Maths department. S.G.Jones, Head of Mathematics, Westwood College, Staffordshire.

SLW4S3. Living Worksheets are an excellent resource to use with all KS3 and KS4 pupils, allowing self-assessment with immediate feedback. Ian Blake, Head of Mathematics, John Taylor High School, Staffordshire.

SLW4S3. An excellent resource. Students love getting results immediately. Seems to motivate them. Philipa Laycock, Elearning Manager, Horsforth High School, Leeds.

SLW4S3PE. We use Living Worksheets with a large range of students in our school, from those working at levels 4-6 at KS3 right through to top set pupils in year 11. All work enthusiastically and appreciate the instant feedback that is given. The starter activities have allowed me to revise work from previous lesson with ease and the open input starters allow for investigative approaches where appropriate. The introduction of the puzzle sheets has given me access to material that can be used either as whole class activities or extension problems that stretch those students who finish the work associated with the main lesson objective. The online license makes it accessible over the Internet and allows pupils improved access to this invaluable resource, both for homework tasks and personalised learning and revision. Darren Pywell, Head of Mathematics, Thorpe St Andrew’s School, Norfolk.

SLW4. Darlington Learning Zone is an independent tuition centre, specialising in English and Maths. Students between the ages of 6 and 16 come for extra lessons after school, on Saturdays and during the holidays. We are always looking for interesting and stimulating software that really helps them with their learning and Living Worksheets does just that. Whatever topic at whichever level of ability, I can always find a living worksheet to reinforce a student's learning. The worksheets encourage independant learning by showing whether the answer is right or wrong so that students can think again if necessary or give themselves a pat on the back. I often print out sheets for homework, which the students self check at their next lesson. We can then discuss any queries. The exploration sheets e.g. functions have been very useful for older students to help them understand difficult topics. All our students like using them and feel a sense of achievement when they have completed a sheet. I couldn't do without them now! Ann Parker, Subject Leader (Maths), Darlington Learning Zone.